Ed non-hodgkin's lymphoma. viagra pills How are stem cells collected? viagra canada Autologous stem cell transplants are done using peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (pbsct). With pbsct, the stem cells are taken from blood. The growth factor g-csf may be used to stimulate the growth of new stem cells so they spill over into the blood. G-csf is a protein that is produced naturally in the body. buy viagra cheap The blood is removed from a vein and passed through a machine that separates the stem cells. buy viagra from canada The machine then returns the remaining blood through a needle in the person's arm or through a central venous catheter. This way of collecting stem cells is called apheresis. In adults, most autologous transplants use stem cells from blood. In a child, the decision whether to use cells from the bone marrow or the blood depends on the size of the child. order viagra Why are chemotherapy and radiation therapy used before a transplant? Before you have chemotherapy and radiation, you have blood taken and stored (banked) for later. Then you have chemotherapy and radiation to destroy the diseased cells in your bone marrow and the rest of your body. This gets rid of the cancer cells in your bone marrow. Later, when you get your stored blood cells back, those new stem cells will be able to take over the job of making new blood cells. viagra time of effect How are stem cells transplanted? A central venous catheter is inserted in your chest. bon jovi like viagra women The stem cells travel from the blood bag through the catheter into your blood, and to your bone marrow, where they will begin to produce new cells in 1 to 3 weeks. During this time: you may be in isolation and given antibiotics to prevent or to treat infection. Destroying your bone marrow cells with chemotherapy leaves your body unable to fight infection. Your blood will be tested often to check the levels of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in your body. viagra and viagra at same time You may need to receive several transfusions of blood cells and platelets until your body begins to produce its own. You may need more antibiotics or other medicines if you get an infection. What to expect after treatment some people are able to receive part or even all of their treatment in an outpatient clinic. Even if you need to be in a hospital, you will not usually have to stay longer than 3 weeks. Severe, often life-threatening infection can develop after a stem cell transplant. You will need to take antibiotics for several months to prevent infection. Your immune system may take 1 to 2 years or longer to recover after a transplant. Bone marrow aspiration or biopsy is used to check your bone marrow. order viagra online You will need to have many immunizations updated. viagra expiration safe Check with your doctor to find out which immunizations you will need. Why it is done autologous stem cell transplant is used: after high doses of ch.